Can’t buy my vote |

Can’t buy my vote

Fletcher MacNeill

Is this really happening to us here in Happy Valley? Mr. Hasan is spending thousands of his own money to win the House Seat, District 56. It makes you want to puke. At this point I would like to give some money to Scanlan because she is for the people, and we the people should support her. She does not have to rely on big bucks and stupid giveaways (the repulsive latest Pink “green bag” left on our doorsteps) to influence us. Did his mother or Kaye Ferry design this latest repulsive bag with which to go shopping with, his name emblazoned in green on pink? Is that part of his “celebicy” stance announced earlier? Come on, man be a man, who cares? Be yourself. Bear Naked had a much better free bag than that pink monstrosity. I’m tossing it.

Mr. Hasan writes like a Democrat, but I fear he is in the Bush camp. Has anyone read his glorious comments about “Republicans are liberators” that was published in the Vail Daily on November 6, 2006? And then he exclaimed about Bush “winning the war” in the Vail Daily on July 11, 2007. God help us.

Our country is in deep trouble because of the present administration! No Republican has admitted that, so if you vote for McCain it is going to be four more years of our country being run by the National Rifle Assocation (Sarah Palin) and the radical religious fundamentalists and the military industrial complex. Palin will emasculate McCain.

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