Can’t find ’em |

Can’t find ’em

As a Vail resident, I read with pride the story about the famous Vail manhole lids in Friday’s Vail Daily and how it is receiving national recognition, capturing first place in a recent competition. It was mentioned how Vail’s manhole cover project turns “lemons into lemonade” and how $62,000 has been collected with the proceeds being used to support Vail’s Art in Public Places program.

Bubbling with excitement, I toured around the tourist area on my lunch break to see for myself some of these Vail manhole covers. First stop was outside the multi-million dollar renovation projects of the Marriott and the Antlers at Vail.

Found a manhole cover, but no special “Vail” cover. Outside the excellent Lionsquare Lodge, I found a cover, but no “Vail” on it. Hmmm. I strolled up to the Vail Spa and the new Marriot entrance, nothing there either. Next, I went over to the busy bus stop of Concert Hall Plaza near the first rate Enzian, Fabulous Vail Glo and everyone’s favorite, DJ’s diner. Gosh darn it, another plain manhole cover, but no “Vail” manhole.

I was getting tired, but alas I refueled at the Swiss Hotdog Factory. We’ve got the manhole cover outside, but another plain one. Up to the new Billy’s Island Grill, nothing, outside Craig’s Vail Ski Tech, nothing. Between the first-class properties of the Westwind and Landmark, nada. Outside the successful Lifthouse and Montauk, nicht. Over by the Lionshead bus stop (Westbound), nyet. Lionshead bus stop (Eastbound), nope again.

Where do we find these things? I searched the Town of Vail’s Web site, and on it shows the manhole covers and says, “As seen in Wall Street Journal, Dallas Morning News, USA Today,, Associated Press, Reuturs, etc.” (At least someone has seen them.) It even has testimonials from people that have them in Arizona, Florida, Texas, Georgia, etc.

Oh well, I guess I didn’t find any close by, here in Vail, Colorado, anywhere within a block of Vail’s gondola. I hoped I’d find at least one, maybe just one of those tiny ones. But then it came to me. I was looking for “Vail” manhole covers in Lionshead outside successful Lionshead merchant locations. Never mind, silly me, what was I thinking?

Chris Ratzlaff


Can’t say that

I’m writing in response to Don Rogers’ Quick Takes Oct. 1, “Hard to Pick a Favorite.”

I’m troubled by your comment that “as a group, the dentists haven’t been the most community-minded themselves.” I find it unprofessional and prejudicial that as an editor of the local paper you make a generalized critical comment about the dentists serving our community, accusing them as being not community-minded.

For one, Dr. James Harding has been a very generous member of our community, and gives back frequently to local causes. Not only is he a regular donor to cultural and arts programs, he frequently donates his time and expertise to local non-profit groups and other community organizations. He is always very generous in his gifts to fund-raising auctions, and other benefit events.

In the interest of fair reporting, please think twice in the future before taking potshots at any particular group in our community. Usually generalized criticisms only reflect the narrow-mindedness of the person expressing the view.

Evelyn Pinney

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