Can’t trust ’em online, either |

Can’t trust ’em online, either

Don Rogers

Alas, spamming has crippled the Vail Daily’s comment function on the Web site.Some devilish robot ant farm has found us and breeched our defenses. So last week thousands of pornographic messages threatened to litter the comments following articles online.Who knows what possesses the folks who put these things in play. It’s the same mindset that fills your (and our) e-mail with junk, matching move for move with the efforts to filter those messages out.The consequence is that we shut down the comment function and now must screen every submission before allowing it online. It slows the pace of conversation, and it certainly is time-consuming. Turns out people cannot be trusted to play fair in the virtual world, either. But watching the site to handle the occasional libel is nothing compared to battling the robots created to breach systems and innundate sites with their filth.More humorously, we’ve watched with some mirth as public figures who have publicly railed against “anonymous” commentary have, well, posted anonymous comments. In one case, the offender complimented himself for his farsighted vision. That was pretty good. It seems the folks caught up in local politics just can’t help themselves. While we at the paper fret about general apathy, at least we have these folks who take themselves so seriously to add exponentially to the humor quotient of humanity. Go figure.Vail Daily, Vail Colorado CO

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