Can’t wait to reverse course |

Can’t wait to reverse course

Gus Nicholson
Avon, CO, Colroado

To hear Dana Perino castigate the Democratic-controlled Congress for demanding accountability before it forks over another corporate bailout funded with taxpayer money makes me wish Jan. 20 were next week.

My father always taught me to beware of those who would guide you to dig a hole, push you in, then pull you out, dust you off and asked you how you wound up in that same hole.

It was only a couple of years ago that Mr. Bush was busy spending his new political capital opposing higher fuel standards for domestic auto fleets when most administrations, including some previous Republican ones, supported such measures.

I reasoned then we couldn’t expect much now that the dogmatists who saw the government as the problem and not the solution were in charge.

My advice to the incoming dogmatists is the computer help-line solution. If the Republican Neocons left unchecked the box that said, “Requires password authentication,” then check that box and click “Apply.”

Whatever they did or supported, do the opposite. See, if in a couple of years, we’re not all humming along nicely again.

Gus Nicholson

Denver and Avon

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