Cap J: Redesign’s first eternal step |

Cap J: Redesign’s first eternal step

Step one of redesigning the Vail Daily is figuring out a new nameplate. That’s the iconic lettering and mountains atop the front page, the manifestation of our “brand,” to put it in ugly corporate-speak.

What we really know is that this is taking forever, and it’s hard. The newspaper design consultants hired for the taxk began over a year ago now, and we’re still fussing with the first thing.

But we’re down to two basic ideas. One looks like a cleaned-up version of what we have now, and I suspect that’s the one we’ll choose. I prefer a more progressive, modern, creative patch with lettering that suggests old ski posters.

I’m fine with either nameplate idea, although more than anything I’m ready to move on. Choose the damn thing already. Either will do. But let’s pick one ” einy mieny mo, out of a hat, whatever.

The design consultants, Creative Circle, start with the nameplate and then go from there. We’ll wind up with a cleaner, more updated look that’s carefully designed for readers to get more out of the paper. They also work holistically on how the staff approaches the high art and low science of community journalism.

Overall, this is a very good thing. The design will make a big step up, and it’s past time for that. We’ll also wind up more disciplined and focused on our readers, thanks to workshops that may well prove more useful than the redesign itself.

I like the continuing education for the news staff, something that happens way too little in this business. I like the idea of a paper that looks sharper.

Now, if we can just get the damn nameplate done.

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