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‘Capture My Colorado’ features photos by Eagle County artists

Lauren Glendenning
Eagle County CO, Colorado
One of hundreds of beautiful photos featured in the Capture My Colorado hardcover book of photography on sale now.

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado ” When Sara McClure leaves the house, she almost always brings her camera.

While photography is something she studied in school, she doesn’t do it professionally ” but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love to see the world from behind her camera lens.

McClure, an Eagle Ranch resident, is one of about a dozen local photographers whose photographs made it into the “Capture My Colorado” book, published by the Vail Daily and Piedmont Publishing. The hardcover book features hundreds of photographs taken in Colorado ” from cityscapes to landscapes, and nature to people, the book captures the beauty found so abundantly throughout this region.

What makes the book unique is that Colorado photographers submitted all the photographs, both amateur and professional, and online views had the final say in which photos made it into the book.

More than 17,000 submissions came in, and readers logged onto http://www.capturemycolorado.com to vote for their favorites. In the end, more than 900,000 votes were cast to create the book, which also features a DVD containing hundreds of photos that didn’t make it in.

McClure submitted photos very early on after being encouraged by her former co-workers at the Vail Daily. She thought she had a great chance until she saw how many other photos were being submitted. She was impressed with the quality of the other photos and began to wonder if hers would make the cut, she said.

In the end, she need not have been worried as her images made it into the book.

For Brennan Metzler, an advertisement on http://www.facebook.com clued him into the submission contest. Metzler snapped six photos in the book, including the cover photos for the Vail area version of the book. He too is not a professional photographer, but probably snaps photos as often as one. He recently started selling some images, though, calling himself a professional “to some extent.”

“However, the moment that I settle in behind a lens and start trying to capture the emotion and environment of an incredible moment, money is the furthest thing from my mind ” and it will always remain that way,” Metzler said.

Metzler and McClure both created images good enough to make it into the book, yet both used completely different kinds of cameras. Metzler took photos with a professional high-tech camera, the Nikon D200. McClure has a high-tech camera, but the photo she took that appears in the book she shot with her four-megapixel point-n-shoot digital camera ” the same kind of camera many of us carry around with us all the time.

The book proves that photographs can be captured almost anywhere, by anyone, with anything. A couple walking along the traintracks captures the love they share. A snowboarder catching big air captures the adventure found here. A fox glaring back at a camera lens captures the wildly beautiful nature of this place we call home.

Lauren Glendenning can be reached at 970-748-2983 or lglendenning@vaildaily.com.

“Capture My Colorado” is a hardcover book of Colorado photography on sale now. More than 17,000 photographs were submitted by local photographers to make this breathtaking book of landscapes, cityscapes, people and nature. Capture My Colorado also comes with a DVD featuring hundreds of photos that didn’t make it into the book. The cost is $39.95

Call Stephanie Brantley at the Vail Daily at 970-748-2902, or visit capturemycolorado.com to order one today.

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