Car ends up in Avon roundabout |

Car ends up in Avon roundabout

Melanie Wong

AVON – An elderly man lost control of his car on Interstate 70 on Saturday evening, slid down an exit ramp and ended up in an Avon roundabout, police said.”He was headed eastbound and meant to head straight, but he ended up sliding all the way down the ramp instead,” Avon Police officer Yvonne Ramirez said.No other cars were involved, and there were no injuries, she said. The only damage were some marks on a light pole and some crushed shrubbery.The 77-year-old California man had been involved in another accident a few days ago. He left his car at the scene, and the car had been marked by police as abandoned, Ramirez said.The old, white Cadillac was damaged from the previous accident and not safe to drive, she said.The man will receive citations for careless driving and driving an unsafe vehicle.

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