Car, rifle taken from I-70 speeder in Eagle County |

Car, rifle taken from I-70 speeder in Eagle County

Dustin Racioppi
Eagle County, CO Colorado

EAGLE COUNTY ” Within a minute of stationing for routine speeding checks on Interstate 70, an Eagle County, Colorado officer nabbed a local man for cruising the highway at 84 mph, but a little searching on the officer’s part revealed the driver had more than a ticket to worry about.

Reports from the sheriff’s office say the 21-year-old didn’t have a license because it was revoked from a previous alcohol-related conviction. The driver, who police said is also on probation, didn’t have insurance or registration in the car, either.

He did, however, have a hunting rifle with a scope and between 10 and 20 rounds of ammunition in the backseat.

His car was towed and the gun was taken to his father for safe keeping, police said.

EAGLE-VAIL ” An elusive local who’s apparently earned a reputation with several officers in the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office for writing bad chekcs has struck again, this time at Paddy’s in Eagle-Vail, Colorado.

The 28-year-old wrote a check for $160 back on Oct. 8. When a manager from the bar and restaurant went to the bank two days later to cash it, police reports say the teller at the bank took a look at the check and “went away for a while.” When the teller came back, she told the manager they couldn’t accept the check because the account was closed.

According to the sheriff’s office, the man’s bank account had been closed since September.

Several officers from Eagle County and Avon said in the report they’ve had encounters with the hot-handed check writer, but haven’t been able to track him down.

GYPSUM ” A trip to the grocery store for some food and movies ended in a mysterious loss of cash, credit cards and important documents for a Gypsum woman Wednesday evening.

According to the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, a 35-year-old woman went shopping with her two children at Columbine Market on Crestwood Drive, bought groceries, rented movies and then she stuffed her wallet into one of the bags before heading to the parking lot to go home.

When she returned home to watch one of the movies, she couldn’t find them. Then, she couldn’t find her wallet. Within two minutes, the report said, the woman realized she may have left one of the bags ” with the movies and her wallet ” in her shopping cart.

She returned to the store and questioned the employee who had rounded up the shopping carts in the parking lot. No wallet.

She checked with the store’s lost and found. No wallet.

She went back home to double check her car, her husband’s car, the house. No wallet.

The woman canceled all her credit cards, but she said her license, social security card, children’s social security cards, nursing identification, health insurance cards and at least $600 in cash were in what she described as a “red, cheap Wal-Mart type wallet with a coin purse.”

Police have no leads in the case.

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