Carbondale neighborhood to produce as much energy as it uses |

Carbondale neighborhood to produce as much energy as it uses

Associated Press

CARBONDALE, Colorado ” Developers are planning a “net-zero” neighborhood in Carbondale, Colorado, that produces as much electricity as or more than it uses.

The TCI Lane Ranch project will include 89 homes with high-efficiency appliances and passive solar design. The development will also have a $2.7 million solar array with more than 1,000 solar panels that will pump enough energy back into the electrical grid to offset the power consumed by the community.

The development covers 100 acres, but the homes will be clustered onto a third of the land with the rest left as open space.

The development was designed by Bonsai Communities and Noble Design Studios.

Bonsai will use green construction practices including running its trucks run on biodiesel and purchasing such materials as gravel from the closest available source, not the least expensive vendor.

The Garfield County Planning Commission reviews the project on April 22.

Paul Spencer, president of Carbondale-based Bonsai, said the development has drawn “tremendous” interest but added, “We certainly will not start selling or building these houses until the economy can support it. Realistically, we’re looking at sometime in 2010.”

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