Carbondale: No criminal charges in fire |

Carbondale: No criminal charges in fire

CARBONDALE, Colorado ” No criminal charges will be pursued against the person responsible for a controlled burn that raged out of control Tuesday and threatened 300 homes, Garfield County Sheriff’s Office investigators concluded Thursday.

The sheriff’s office “has determined that the Carbondale County Road 100 Fire was not the result of arson or a malicious act,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

The fire was ruled accidental. “The event was started when excessive winds exposed the smoldering embers below the surface of a controlled burn in the area which began spreading the embers from the immediate controlled burn area,” the statement said.

Because of the findings, “no criminal charges are being contemplated at this time,” said sheriff’s office spokeswoman Tamra Blackard.

The name of the person who started the “controlled burn” wasn’t released.

The cost of fighting the fire was estimated to exceed $100,000 by Carbondale Fire Chief Ron Leach.

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