Carbondale requiring CO detectors |

Carbondale requiring CO detectors

CARBONDALE, Colorado ” Carbondale trustees, on a 5-0 vote Tuesday night, approved a new ordinance requiring carbon monoxide detectors in all new residential construction in the town.

The ordinance also requires the installation of CO detectors in residential additions and remodels for which a building permit is required. Any replacement or addition of a fuel burning appliance for which a permit is required also mandates that a CO detector be installed.

Detectors are to be centrally located outside of each separate sleeping area. In new construction, the devices are required to be hard-wired with a battery backup.

Enforcement of the ordinance will fall to either the town’s building inspector or the local fire code official before a certificate of occupancy is issued. After that, inspections may also be made any time a residential unit changes hands or new tenants move in, or whenever any modifications are made to a unit.

The owner is required to repair or replace any defective CO detector, and tenants are under the obligation to maintain the devices and to inform owners of any malfunctions.

The move follows the lead of other municipalities and counties that have passed or considered similar measures since a Denver family died of carbon monoxide poisoning at a vacation home near Aspen last Thanksgiving. The Colorado Legislature is also considering a bill that would require CO detectors in new residential construction statewide.

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