Carnes: Chicken Little needs a lobotomy |

Carnes: Chicken Little needs a lobotomy

Richard CarnesVail CO, Colorado

I dont know about you, but Ive had enough of these persistently negative Colonel Sanders appetizers and their constant threat of an impending apocalypse.Seriously, why do we pay any attention to these small-headed big mouths as they spew their sensationalized prophecies of both gloom and doom?I suppose some poor saps feed off of it to one degree or another, but to me it has all of the intellectual nutrition of a Twinkie.Yes, there are major issues to be handled on an international, national, and even local level, yet name me one moment in the last 100 years where circumstances were not similar enough to the point that a cut & paste would not apply on a grand scale. We would merely have to change names, creeds, ethnicities, nationalities, dollar amounts and the method of apocalyptical ruin to which we would all be pre-ordained to succumb.Nothing but acorn-loving, Henny Penny propaganda.The only thing making today any different is that its the here and now, the present, and, quite literally, the only time we can ever do anything about tomorrow. It is these ubiquitous issues that we care so much about because they are the ones we awake to each morning, deal with each day, and cause us to have trouble falling to sleep each night.But to inflect catastrophic consequences upon each acorn as it inevitably hits someone, somewhere, on their noggin is akin to shouting some chance occurrence was a miracle, because chances were one in a million!With more than 6 billion people on the planet, something occurring to one out of every million occurs at least 6,000 times each day. Its no more a miracle than a seat belt saving a life during a blizzard on Vail Pass.Take a break, look outside. The birds are chirping, the flowers blooming, holiday debt dwindling, equinox vernaling and golf courses melting.Breathe deeply, and make sure your checkbook is in balance.Sure, the worldwide price of rice and corn has more than doubled over the last year, causing global food shortages and rising food prices. Yes, the price of oil has skyrocketed thanks in part to its worldwide direct connection to the U.S. dollar, but none of this means some magical being is going to suddenly appear in the clouds and hand everyone a Visa card with no limit.These sky is falling types are the same who claim Obama is a secret Muslim, McCain a secret evangelist and Hillary secretly a woman. They see faces on Mars, alien fingerprints in dead cattle, naked women in Dick Cheneys sunglasses and report for Fox News. Again, why are we even listening?Admittedly, a worldwide recession sadly does seem inevitable, but to what degree and for how long is anyones guess, and all the economic experts in the world can forecast is their ability to expertly contradict one another.Here is what a worldwide recession really means: Everybody, everywhere has to bite a bullet, take a hit, suck it up, absorb a loss of some sort. And they have to do this because some, but not all, in capitalistic societies have spent the last few decades living way beyond their means, and time has come to pay the credit piper.The mask of false wealth will inevitably always fall from the face of grace.This is not to say they (we) are being punished, for it is nowhere near that level of simplicity, but just that an economic adjustment is in the process of occurring on a universal level and it will take quite a while for the whole mess to work itself out.But it will, so for Petes sake people, calm down, were going to survive. Americans still, by far, have the highest standard of living on the planet, and anyone who wants to disagree based upon one silly survey or another simply needs to ask just about any foreigner they come across why he (or she) desperately wants to become an American citizen.Believe it or not, compared to the rest of the world the U.S. economy is in pretty damn good shape, regardless of how the markets did yesterday, today, or tomorrow. Relax, ignore the talking heads, pay your taxes before going to bed tonight, and keep those dreams of perspective focused upon whats really important in todays Happy Valley world, like being able to buy booze on Sundays.NOTE: The preceding opinions belong to Richard and are not necessarily shared by this newspaper but for some optimistic reason, he thinks they should be.Richard Carnes of Edwards writes a column for the Daily. He can be reached at

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