Carnes’ choice is made |

Carnes’ choice is made

John Watson

I read Richard Carnes column today in the Vail Daily, “No Good Choice In This Election.”

How courageous of him.

Reading deeper, it is obvious that he is bothered by some of the lunacies of the right, such as the belief in creationism and the anti-science mentality that such zealots embrace.

And, he sees through the “hockey mom” hype that masks a lack of depth in the Palin parade.

But when it comes to Obama, his recital of worn-out Republican talking points tells me that while the GOP may not be worthy of his support, he would never support a Democrat under any condition.

Consider the following paragraph in regards to Obama:

“Socialized medicine. No, thank you. Higher personal income taxes? No thank you. Constitutional rights for illegal immigrants? No way, Jose. Raising corporate taxes to spur the economy? Sorry, history has proven time and time again it works the other way around.”

In the culture war that is this election, Mr. Carnes’ language says a lot.

While nobody is calling for “socialized medicine,” this talking point, containing the right wing’s favorite word, allows the complete avoidance of the topic. Let’s do nothing.

And what is even more curious, nobody from the right wing, or even more moderate “independents” such as Mr. Carnes, sees the complete assumption of liability for every single mortgage in America this past week as “socialism.”

While the word “socialism” is better left in the eighth grade, Mr. Carnes says nothing of the imperialism of this nation and the $10 billion it is borrowing each month to maintain an occupation of Iraq.

But he does care about money and he doesn’t want Obama to raise personal income taxes or to raise corporate taxes.

If Mr. Carnes had bothered to check Obama’s proposals, he would see that many of his personal income tax plans are similar to those enacted during the Reagan administration, which is one of the reasons Obama has drawn the support of people like Warren Buffet and former treasury secretaries from the Bush and Reagan administrations. Corporate giveaways, a passion of the Bush gang, should be replealed.

But this statement, I believe, is at the heart of Mr. Carnes’ “no choice” opinion: “Constitutional rights for illegal immigrants? No way, Jose,” he says.

I hate to break this to him as he insults 38 percent of the resident population of Eagle County with his flippancy, but the Constitution, which is what makes this nation great, is a statement to the world of our belief in basic human rights, not exclusive to Americans, but for all mankind. Should an immigrant or a visitor be denied habeus corpus, a jury trial, free speech?

What Mr. Carnes obviously wants is a country that can conduct a war and allow corporate criminals to steal billions as long as his taxes don’t go up in his land of “liberty and justice” for people like him.

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