Carnes: Forced to watch Vail’s snow melt |

Carnes: Forced to watch Vail’s snow melt

Speed kills, as the saying goes, but if you think it through logically, its the sudden and usually violent stopping part that actually determines the outcome.For instance, last week I was going through my normal daily routine, multi-tasking web pages for the news, reading the newspaper,listening to the news on the TV, drinking coffee, checking times for carpool pickup at school all the while dreaming of Bora-Bora flower girls serving rum drinks on the beach.You know, the usual stuff.Suddenly Mr. Computer, who is just a young lad in PC years (about nine months), decided to pull a Calvin & Hobbes and go BOINK!, thus performing what is known in the biz as a BSOD (blue screen of death).Being the contraption that I pretend to use for work, it was the equivalency of watching a Texas skier plow cowboy-hat-first into Mid-Vail. Funny, in a way, but potentially a real disaster.Before you start laughing and muttering incoherently about Mac-something and all that anti-Bill Gates nonsense, realize that I am at least experienced enough to have my important data backed up, and do so with all the regularity of a USB fiber pill.But dont be silly, I dont back up every friggin hour. If I am lucky I only lost what I was working on the exact moment of failure, which if I recall had something to do with exercising my prostate.Suffice it to say it is now more than 10 days later, and I still cannot access so much as one 0 or a single 1 on my super duper, RAID-0, 1.5-terabyte hard drives, therefore providing me with more free time on my hands than Rob Katz will probably have by the time the whole Epic Pass debacle comes full circle.Pacing around, waiting for a service tech to arrive hasnt helped much, but it has provided ample time for a few nauseatingly reflective observations:Although I personally feel as if our Happy Valley life is fast-paced, I try to keep some level of perspective with Don Henleys immortal words, Life in the fast lane, surely make you lose your mind So as laid back as my family might appear on the surface, we still do things much quicker than most.A few years ago we went through the entire Louvre Museum in Paris, all four floors in all seven sections, in a little under six hours. I still remember my disappointment in the actual size of the Mona Lisa (its pretty tiny) as we stared at it for a full 30 seconds or so.Thanks to our DirecTV DVR (basically just a re-tooled TiVo), we watch an entire episode of Deal or No Deal in about five minutes. Who really cares about anything except the last few cases? We did happen to notice George W. made an appearance last week, but it went by too fast to hear what he had to say.American Idol? Yes, we watch it, but after fast forwarding through every moment containing Ryan Seacrest, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson, then skipping all but Simons critiques and the emotional outburst from the latest loser, were done in about 10 minutes.I do believe I noticed the President on that one last week as well.Perhaps he is preparing for life after November, which reminded me, I could use this spare time to figure out what to do with my Bush-supplied Stimulus check, but then realized Im not going to get one.Why do the poor and needy get all the breaks?Anyway, severe boredom was setting in, so I thought I might head down to Costco to stock up on rice and corn-based items before the real food shortages start. Maybe I can figure out how to magically turn that stuff into fuel for my car.I thought of reading through the new county building guidelines for developers, or the rules and regs for the new housing authority, but then realized Id rather be stranded on a remote island with Al Gore and his slide show powered by palm frond-enhanced solar panels.The thought of researching the county commissioner candidates or discovering more fascinating tidbits about Bobby Ginn was intriguing, but I cant do any of it without my computer, so that was pretty much another wasted thought.Im full of those lately.I guess Ill just have to accept my, hopefully, temporary slow down for what it is, and go smell a few roses (if I can find any in bloom) or watch the snow melt or the river rise.Life could be worse.

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