Carnes: Good grief, it seems like 2019 is a year that will never end (column) |

Carnes: Good grief, it seems like 2019 is a year that will never end (column)

Richard Carnes

So many outrageous issues have already occurred this year that I can’t wait for it to finally come to a close.

It seems like every single morning in 2019 I turn on the TV and am bombarded with Trump this, Trump that, climate change is bad, climate change is good, government shutdowns, entertainment executives assaulting women, more Trump nonsense and, perhaps worst of all, former tough guy Ray Liotta babbling on and on about “Chantix.”

When will it ever end?

I naively thought things would be different this year.

I was convinced the world, or at least the United States of America, was finally going to come together and work for the betterment of mankind and womankind.

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What a fool I’ve been.

This year is no different.

We’re still waiting for the finale of Game of Thrones. I read the first book over 20 years ago and still haven’t a clue about who sits upon the throne in the end.

I’m still waiting for either the Broncos or the Cowboys to make it back to the Super Bowl. In fact, nothing would make my life more complete than if it were the two of them head-to-head like it was back in 1977.

But no, 2019 simply will not allow it to happen.

And the whole border wall fiasco has only become more and more confusing so far this year.

I don’t understand why some folks cannot comprehend the vast difference between “border wall” and “border security.”

One is a simple metaphor for a failed campaign promise and the other is a serious issue that the federal government needs to address in a serious manner, as opposed to the superficial political football it has become of late.

I have a feeling tomorrow in D.C. will be very telling as to how this year will finally end.

Will the “non-essential” federal employees ever be paid? The National Parks reopen? Will the swamp continue overflowing, are coal jobs returning and will Obamacare ever be replaced?

So many questions, so little time remaining.

And so far in 2019 I see American soldiers are still fighting in the Middle East and ISIS is as much of a threat as ever.

It’s hard not to notice term limits have not been enacted, both the deficit and the national debt are climbing faster than ever and NAFTA is still a thing.

And it appears we’re going to go the entire year without Mexico paying for a single slat along the border, but Trump is still on par for becoming the most prolific White House golfer of all time.

Oh, and every single thing wrong within our nation, from wildland fires to children being gunned down in school, is either 100 percent the fault of all Democrats or Donald Trump (Republicans have been suspiciously quiet all year on damn near everything).

Things can always be worse, I suppose, but look at it this way, we only have 364 days to go.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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