Carnes: The new ballots are here! |

Carnes: The new ballots are here!

Hi, perhaps you recognize me, your favorite weekly columnist. I want to thank many of you for your continued thoughts and prayers, and know that I’m back because I am a perfect physical specimen and I’m extremely young, and so I am lucky in that way. And although I haven’t had Regeneron, I am off the meds and feel great, better than I have in 20 years.”

But rather than paraphrasing scenes from Steve Martin’s “The Jerk” for a headline and ImPotus steroid-assisted sound bites, have you received your voting ballot yet?

Not to worry, as they went out in the mail last Friday, and should be arriving in your mailbox any day now.

It’s bigly, that’s for sure, but after just a modicum of research, it shouldn’t take more than a nonstop run top to bottom on Riva to fill it out.

Afterward, simply slap on a stamp or two (70 cents total) and drop it in the mail. Or save the coin by clicking here (if on your phone or PC, otherwise, you’ll look silly sticking your finger through the newspaper) for the six 24-hour ballot box drop off locations in Eagle County (no postage required), which should be plenty for our population of less than 50,000, as opposed to Harris County in Texas, which is “allowed” one for their over 2.4 million citizens.

Texans are weird.

Anyway, there are 24 choices for President, five for U.S. senator and four for each of our two congressional districts. Those are the biggies, but realize any vote not for the two main political parties is, while not exactly wasted, in all likelihood a non-vote for the inevitable winner, whether you can stomach the candidate or not.

Something to think about.

Locally we have four running for two Eagle County Commissioner positions and six running for three Avon Town Council seats.

These are just as important as the national choices, especially when you consider the potential implications of possible further pandemic restrictions this winter.

Then we have the obligatory “judicial retention questions” where I personally always vote no on each because a rotating bench gathers no moss (except Buck Allen, although not on this ballot, he’s always been a happy exception to a lot of rules).

Finally there is a hodgepodge of state amendments and propositions and municipal measures, ranging from abortion restrictions to mill levy increases and decreases (and no, they do not balance each other out).

Do your research now so you can at least claim to your friends that you made well-thought-out, logical choices, as opposed to choosing no on everything simply because you’ve been laid off due to the pandemic or yes on everything simply because you found out your position at Vail Resorts is still there for this winter.

Either way, don’t be so dang shallow.

Oh, and ignore any TV ads along the way, as well as radio ads, newspaper ads, memes on social media and inappropriately-placed political signs on private and public property.

Think for yourself instead.

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