Carnes: To decide or not decide … really isn’t a question |

Carnes: To decide or not decide … really isn’t a question

Did you decide yet?

“I do not wish to reveal my answer to that, Sir, in case the question of my voting preferences becomes a constitutional issue before the court sometime in the future.”

It’s a simple yes or no question.

“Your question presumes that I am qualified to provide a cognitive answer, which is something I feel uncomfortable committing to at this time.”

Look, I’m just curious if you’ve had your skis tuned, or are you waiting to see how much early season snow we receive?

“Well, Sir, that seems to me to be pulling me in a little bit into this question of whether the weather plays a role in skiing, and to the extent, this is a political controversy right now, as a judge I want to stay out of it and I don’t want to express a view on —”

Good grief, Mrs. Barrett, sorry I asked.

Sure, the SCOTUS pick appears to be a done deal regardless of her answers or lack thereof, but ballot picks this week will have a direct impact on each and every one of us, so research your choices while asking yourself how things would be different if Mrs. Barrett evaded answers while wearing a burka.

Meanwhile, far be it from little ol’ me to dare tell you how to vote, as that would be highly unethical in any normal election.

However, this is 2020, where the word “normal” has all the relevance of a 2-foot dump the day after the mountain closes, thus I can make as many recommendations as I wish toward certain candidates and issues.

You are free as an American, of course, to ignore, and in some cases, spit upon, any endorsements I may espouse, but seeing how this is an opinion piece each week and not a demand, spit away.

Since I do not believe Hillary Clinton is running for president with Hunter Biden as her running mate or that Joe Biden helped President Obama coordinate the killing of an imposter Bin Laden and then orchestrated the murder of SEAL Team Six members to cover it all up, even anonymous online commenters should be able to guess which direction my finger is pointing for the White House.

Cory Gardner is too much of an ImPotus puppet to remain in the Senate, especially when it comes to health care issues, and besides, to quote Justice Kavanaugh, “I like beer.”

I like all four county commish candidates, so with all things being somewhat equal, status quo is the way for me to go.

My wife and I watched the Town of Avon candidate forum to get a feel for the five unknowns, as we’ve known Amy Phillips for over three decades. We split somewhat on choices, and I went with Lindsay Hardy and RJ Andrade.

The hypocrisy of the religious right demanding the government control a woman’s uterus while also shouting the big bad government can never tell them what to do makes a NO vote on Prop 115 easy, yet I admit my own level of hypocrisy by voting YES on Prop EE, a rare moment for me to approve a tax increase of any kind. Tobacco products have ruined far too many lives of family and friends, making the personal exception an easy decision.

Anyway, there are plenty of other issues to decide, but the only decision for the “Colorado undecided” is whether to find an official ballot drop box or drop it in the mail.

Couldn’t be easier, no matter how you decide.

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