Carnes: Winds of change are a-blowin’ |

Carnes: Winds of change are a-blowin’

I am the least racist columnist on this page. I take full responsibility for such a statement, but it’s not my fault.

Hopefully, most of you understand.

Anyway, plenty of changes on our immediate horizon, especially a week from today, with the biggest one, of course, being the presumed transfer of power up in the Big House.

But, and this is a REALLY BIG BUT, the presumption is based upon national polling over these last few months, and we all know how correct the silly things were in 2016.

Generally accepted as one of the most viable, Nate Silver and his crew at have Joe Biden up by almost 10 points with barely a week remaining, but I can’t stress enough how his polling averages said basically the same thing at the same point in 2016. Though their popular vote projections were spot on, Silver did warn the Electoral College count was too close to call.

However, this is 2020, and we all know, nothing, and I mean nothing at all, about 2020 has any connection or correlation with any other year since man began counting years.

For that matter, the same polls project some of us here in Eagle County will be represented by our very own version of Sarah Palin, only in the form of a QAnon bar owner who has been arrested four times in the last decade and talks to her followers as if they’re all high school dropouts as she is.

So who the hell knows what’s really going to change?

I do know a change will occur at our local post office, as they’ll finally be able to start collecting 90% of our box contents again.

Most refer to it as trash.

As last weekend proved, a promising change is upcoming with the weather. We can only hope it continues.

COVID-19 numbers are changing, unfortunately in the wrong direction, and 95% of us will continue wearing masks while the remaining 5% will still refuse and continue mumbling about something Dr. Fauci said back in March even though his comments changed the very next week when more information was provided.

TV ads will quickly change, as we’ll no longer have to listen to political ads telling us how so-and-so is the spawn of Beelzebub, nor will we have to hear, “We’re rounding the turn, our numbers are incredible…” or listen to insane promises of better and cheaper health care being “only two weeks away.”

The Supreme Court will change. I wonder if Amy Coney Barrett will take the oath of office with her hand on an original copy of “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

Town of Avon council members will change, but hopefully only by two.

Changes not to expect include, regardless of election results, FaceBook’s CEO Zuckerberg being blamed for whoever won/lost, Twitter remaining a “news” source for simple minds, and the Dallas Cowboys still having the absolute worst defense in the NFL.

Hey, did you know more Americans have filed for unemployment in 2020 than voted for ImPotus in 2016? Not exactly a change, but I’m sure a few local Trumpette cult members will call it fake news either way. Yes, and Rudy Giuliani was only tucking in his shirt and Jeffrey Toobin was play-acting.

Please vote.

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