Carnival at the courthouse |

Carnival at the courthouse

Tom Boyd

For Rob Hahn and the folks at Alpine Party Rentals, it seems the old saw is true about the three things needed for a successful business: Location, location, location.There’s no way Hahn could have foreseen the recent, massive influx of media personnel to Chambers Avenue, across from the Eagle County Justice Center, when he picked a nearby spot for his store. But Kobe Bryant is expected to show up at the courthouse Aug. 6, to be officially advised of the third-degree sexual assault charges facing him, and Hahn’s phone is ringing off the hook.What do they want?Tents.In fact, Alpine Party Rentals has erected so many tents in the vacant lot across from the courthouse that they have exhausted their in-house supply. So they’re bringing over more tents from their Carbondale warehouse to accommodate the growing number of camera crews that need temporary shelter for their gear.”They’re pretty much going for bare bones a platform and a stage,” Hahn says. “It’s good for business. I almost feel guilty in a way. I don’t want to make money off a bad thing, but they’re here and they need our service.”Hahn has received calls from New York and California, and he has taken on Channel 7 News, WB2, Fox News and ESPN as clients.If the trial continues beyond Aug. 6, which by all indications it will, Hahn says he is prepared to rent tents to anyone who needs them until the weather turns rough.And then?”We’ll see what we can do,” he says.

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