Carrie Fell’s new artwork on display in Beaver Creek |

Carrie Fell’s new artwork on display in Beaver Creek

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"Dashing on Debonnaire," by Carrie Fell.
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Carrie Fell’s artwork is unmistakable. At first sight, one is attracted by the vibrancy of her colors, the fluidity of the lines, and the richness of the storytelling. Her work depicts the lives of cowboys and cowgirls roaming on horseback, exploring the latitude of a not too familiar wild wild West. There are buffalo, and large bulls interlocking horns and just about any wild critter these cowboys will meet in their travels.

Fell will be showing her newest collection of artwork at Horton Fine Art in Beaver Creek today and Saturday from 3 to 8 p.m.

“What I like most about this artist is that she dedicates her art and skill to encourage young people to follow their art and heart and provides the funds to do so,” said Horton Fine Art gallery director Simone Crotzer. “She is an artist that constantly gives back and shares her success.”

Fell’s work reflects the beauty and the soul of the West. Different from many artists, she is not interested in its outer landscapes. This Colorado native is more interested in describing the journey of life using the icons of the West, but depicting them with such fluidity of lines and boldness of color choices that it becomes evident that the exploration is her own personal journey.

Skillfully, she creates positive and negative space using acrylics and oil washes. Her lines lead the viewer further and further into the convoluted evolvement of colors and into comprehensible shapes. These “inner landscapes” have boldness and courageous, exploratory energy.

“I want my art to play a personal role in people’s lives,” Fell said. “If a painting moves you at some deeper level, then I have reached my goal.”

For further information, contact Horton Fine Art at 970-949-1660.

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