Casa Mexico serves up authentic Jalisco-style cuisine (video) |

Casa Mexico serves up authentic Jalisco-style cuisine (video)

Esteban Rocha loves to serve up delicious, authentic and rather large portions of Mexican cuisine at his restaurant, Casa Mexico. For nearly 28 years, Rocha has been devoted to the craft of providing diners with dishes that help tell the story of his heritage.

“I love to really open up people’s eyes and see the difference between the large Mexican chain restaurants or the Tex-Mex type of style of Mexican food. This is more of a real Guadalajara style, Jalisco style, where they are very well known for good cooking, tequila and mariachis,” Rocha said.

One entree on the menu that is not to be missed is the molcajete campechano, which is literally served in the molcajete bowl, a traditional Mexican stone tool version of the mortar and pestle bowl made typically out of volcano rock. The molcajete bowl is heated over an open flame to keep its contents warm throughout the entire meal. When translated, campechano means good-natured, friendly and hearty, and hearty this molcajete campechano dish is.

The molcajete campechano is served up with generous portions of chicken, shrimp and skirt steak sliced so thin you can cut it with your fork. “It takes years of practice for the guys to know how to hand slice it one piece at a time, but it is worth it,” Rocha said.

The strips of chicken, steak and shrimp are laid over the molcajete stone and a sauce is poured into the bowl over cheese that melts due to the heat of the stone bowl. The sauce is basically the salsa they make in house mixed with a special sauce that they prepare exclusively or the molcajete dish. “We mix them together and it gets a little tangy and a little spicy at the same time. It’s not your typical kind of salsa you’d find anywhere,” Rocha said.

The molcajete campechano entree has been on the menu since Casa Mexico opened up in Vail a few years ago. Rocha also has locations in Winter Park and Eagle, CO. “Ever since people saw the picture on the menu everyone would ask, ‘What is that? I have never seen anything like that in my whole life!’ So we started giving the explanation of what it is, how we make it and to be honest, that has been brining people in like crazy now, people come in and ask for it,” Rocha said.

View today’s video to see how the molcajete campechano is made at Casa Mexico and don’t forget, with Cinco de Mayo coming up, they will be offering two for one margaritas on Saturday, May 5 at all three of their locations in West Vail, Eagle and Winter Park, CO.

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