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Casino Night

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Angela M. Mueller

We want to thank everyone in the community for making Casino Night 2004 a success. The Eagle County Early Childhood Programs have worked together for the past 17 years at Casino Night to gain funds for the preschool children of our valley. High quality is what each program strives for and we could not do it without your help. Thank you.

The 10 directors of Children’s Garden, Pooh Corner, Vail Childcare, Prater Lane, Family Learning Center, Mountain Tots, Gypsum Elementary Preschool, Avon Elementary Preschool, Brush Creek Elementary Preschool and Edwards Elementary Preschool put countless hours and had their parents volunteer for many tasks to make this event happen. Thank you for putting your efforts into this event for the children!

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We want to thank the dealers who volunteered. Their time and effort made the event run smoothly. The Marriott Mountain Resort has helped make this event possible for the past 17 years. Thank You. Aces Casino Equipment from Denver has a top-rate staff that has helped our event for the past 17 years. Our event ran smoothly because of all the help we received. Thank you!

The sponsors that we received this year will all go to the children.

We thank each company that donated monetary donations and items. They all work together to raise money for our quality early childhood funds! Remember that April is Month of the Young Child.

Take time to observe at your local preschool and see the phenomenal work this schools do daily! We look forward to seeing you all at Casino Night 2005!

Angela M. Mueller


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