Castle bought, new owner makes quick exit |

Castle bought, new owner makes quick exit

Dennis Webb
Special to the DailyThe Redstone Castle in Redstone was sold in an auction Saturday.

REDSTONE – The latest chapter in the long and sometimes strange saga of the Redstone Castle left the town’s residents hanging Saturday.They left an auction in Glenwood Springs knowing the property’s value – $4 million – but not the identity of the owner or his plans for the place.

A Pasadena, Calif., man, dressed casually in jeans and a blue pullover, hurried out of the Glenwood Springs Community Center after making the winning bid on the castle at an auction put on by the Internal Revenue Service. The mystery man brushed off an attempt to be interviewed before hurrying to his car. His quick exit left Redstone residents wondering who the man was and whether he plans to keep the castle open to the public.The buyer’s identity will become public once the sale closes, which must occur within 45 days, said John Harrison, a spokesman for the Internal Revenue Service. As for the buyer’s intentions, the other successful bidder Saturday thinks he has at least some inkling.

Walt Stanaszek, a clinical pharmacologist in Oklahoma who spends summers at another Redstone property, bought a Victorian on Redstone Boulevard from the IRS for $480,000. Stanaszek said he had never met the castle buyer before, but happened to chat with him briefly just before the auction. Stanaszek found the buyer to be a warm and enthusiastic man who indicated he believes the castle should be a part of Redstone and not converted to private use.Stanaszek said his sense is that the castle is going to “somebody who really has some positive intentions for the community of Redstone. I look forward to being his neighbor.”

The IRS is selling the castle and the Victorian home as part of an attempt to help provide restitution to potentially more than 1,000 victims of a $56 million investment fraud scam. The agency seized the castle in 2003, saying the owners, Leon and Debbie Harte, bought it with $6.3 million obtained in the scam.Vail, Colorado

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