Castle Peak Senior Care opens Welcome Center |

Castle Peak Senior Care opens Welcome Center

Castle Peak Senior Care Community's new marketing director Matt Scherr stands outside Augustana Care's new Welcome Center. The area's long awaited senior care facility is rising out of the ground at its Eagle Ranch location.
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EAGLE — For decades, Eagle County residents have discussed the need for a senior care facility.

Now, as the Castle Peak Senior Care Community materializes at its Eagle Ranch location, the project’s developer has brought on a familiar face to help residents make concrete plans about housing options while they age.

Augustana Care, the developer and operator of Castle Peak Senior Care Community, announced this week that Matt Scherr, of Minturn, will be the marketing coordinator for the project. Scherr worked as the campaign coordinator for the Castle Peak Senior Care Community. In his new role, he will work with prospective residents and their families as they look for future housing and care options.

“I’m here to help people understand the opportunity Castle Peak represents for making our community whole,” Scherr said. “My primary role is to find out what peoples’ interests are and what it will cost them.”

Smorgasbord of options

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Since taking over his new responsibilities, Scherr said the two biggest questions he fields about Castle Peak Senior Care are when will it open and how much it will cost. The answer to the first question is fall of 2016. The answer to the second question is, “It depends.”

“The whole idea is to be an affordable and competitive as possible,” said Scherr.

Scherr noted a monthly rate for the center will be in the $5,000 range, depending on the services and amenities the resident desires. He noted that cost is in line with senior care options in the Denver area.

“From a value perspective, it is in the very affordable range,” he said.

Scherr noted that value isn’t just defined by the cost per month, but rather the comprehensive facility program. In terms of quality of life, Scherr said Castle Peak Senior Care offers an outstanding product.

A native of Missouri, Scherr noted he grew up in areas where there were lots of senior care facilities and traditionally those centers were located in isolated areas on the edge of town. Castle Peak Senior Care, by contrast, is located in the heart of the Eagle Ranch Village area. The Eagle Ranch commercial core is located across the street and Brush Creek Elementary School is right next door. As a result, Scherr said, Castle Peak Senior Care residents will benefit.

“The idea here is to build the center to fit people’s lifestyles. It will give people a change to be a part of the community,” he said.

Reservations accepted

With construction proceeding through the winter, Scherr will open Augustana Care’s Castle Peak Senior Care Community Welcome Center in December at 1180 Capitol Street, Unit 101, Eagle Ranch Village. The center is just steps from the construction site.

Scherr will soon begin calling people on the existing interest list to determine if they wish to move to Castle Peak Senior Care Community.

“Our interest list contains the names of people who want to know more about the new care community, but it’s not an official waiting list,” Scherr. He will contact each person on the interest list (in first-come first-served order) to ask if they wish to reserve a place and expects to create a reservation list with deposits in January 2016.

Capitol Campaign continues

A few month ago, Augustana announced that it had reached its local fund-raising goal for the Castle Peak Senior Care Community. Subsequent increases in construction cost forced the company to alter come of its plans and to seek an additional $150,000 in donations.

“We are a part of Colorado Gives Day because of the additional costs,” said Scherr.

In addition to working as the capital campaign coordinator for Castle Peak Senior Care Community, Scherr’s past experience includes providing planning and strategic consulting services for small organizations along with other services including administration/management, bookkeeping, communications and marketing. He worked as executive director at Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability and program manager for Vail Leadership Institute.

In his new role, Scherr said he is most excited about working directly with people who need the kind of services Castle Peak will provide. “Learning people’s unique stories is the most compelling opportunity this position brings to me,” he said. “One of the things we lacked in the past is a large population of older adults. Yet we all know how much how much they add to our lives. I’m excited for the next generation because they can finally have a critical community component they never had before.”

To learn more about the Castle Peak Senior Care Community, visit Scherr can be reached at and 970-989-2500.

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