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‘Cat scratch’ bad sign for drug suspect

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Vail, CO Colorado

EAGLE, Colorado ” A tip telephoned into dispatch recently led to the arrest of a 28-year-old Eagle woman on drug charges.

The caller reported seeing a woman shooting up drugs in her vehicle, parked on a street in Eagle Ranch. A few minutes later, an Eagle officer saw the vehicle traveling 15 miles over the speed limit northbound on Capitol Street. The driver scraped the underside of the vehicle while driving too fast through one of the traffic control dips on the street.

When pulled over, the woman driver had bloodshot, unfocused eyes. She initially told the officer that the bleeding spot on her wrist was a cat scratch. The woman denied having any drugs in the car; and gave officers consent to search the vehicle.

That search yielded spools, syringes, and a bag of a substance that tested positive for heroin.

The woman was arrested on charges of sale of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and driving under the influence of drugs. She was taken to the Eagle County jail.

EAGLE ” A teenage girl ran into trouble after she allegedly shoplifted bottles of shampoo, conditioner and a package of razors from City Market.

The store security officer observed the girl stashing the items in her purse. She then took other items to the cashier’s counter, and paid for them, but neglected to pay for the items in the purse.

She was confronted by the security employee after passing through the checkout station. The girl became upset, and started crying, saying she “knew it was wrong.”

Her mother was notified, and the suspect was charged with petty theft.

EAGLE ” A Denver woman called the cops to report that her vehicle had apparently been stolen.

The woman said she lent the 1978 Ford Bronco to her ex-husband, so he could drive up to Eagle for a court date. While he was in court, deputies served him with an outstanding warrant, and took him into jail.

The girlfriend who had accompanied the man then apparently took the car. At one point, she telephoned the ex-wife, and said she would show up soon with the car. That never happened. Twenty-four hours later, the ex-wife reported the incident as a theft.

Deputies questioned the ex-husband in the jail. He was vague about the girlfriend’s last name, and where she lived on the Front Range, but did volunteer the opinion that she was not a “good girl” at all. He was concerned because he had left $450 in cash in the vehicle. A friend of his who lived in Eagle was eventually able to supply the woman’s last name.

The local police listed the vehicle has stolen. More than a day after it disappeared, a Lakewood police officer found the vehicle parked at a Wal-Mart. The store security video showed the vehicle pulling into a parking space; then the driver exited the vehicle and jumped into another waiting car.

Lakewood police were able to pull some fingerprints from the vehicle, and will forward the video to the local cops. The jailed ex-husband was able to identify the woman through a photo line-up.

The case remains under investigation.

GYPSUM ” A report of four drunks in a sedan trying to pick a fight at a Gypsum convenience store prompted a call to the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office. A deputy requested that the Eagle cops assist with the case.

The suspected driver was pulled over in Gypsum. He admitted to drinking, and was unable to pass roadside tests.

The 21-year-old Burns man was charged with DUI.

EAGLE COUNTY ” A deputy was finishing a traffic stop Sept. 8 when he nabbed a second offender.

The deputy was pulled over westbound on Interstate 70, with his patrol car lights still flashing, when a truck in the lane closest to him did not move to the other lane as the law requires.

The deputy pulled the truck over and asked for the man’s license. The man reached for his wallet and then admitted that he did not have a license. It had been revoked for three alcohol convictions.

The man was charged with driving without a license and no proof of valid insurance.

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