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What is a &quotQueer Eye&quot fan anyway? (see X-Rated Trial at, March 11). Someone who appreciates interior decorating? It seems as though the reporter of this piece lumps gay people or liberals under the banner of &quotQueer Eye&quot fans, but I’m not sure how either relates to feminist outrage over an alleged victim’s reputation. And if the reporter truly refers just to fans of the show… well then what does that have to do with the Kobe Bryant case? I’m not sure I follow the logic, but the very notion offends my sensibilities.Michael HornLos Angeles, Calif.Full of PassionEditor’s note: we received a metaphorical bagfull of mail on our piece from the MArch 11 edition, Two views of Passion of the Christ. To view them all, go to am still dumbfounded when hear people talk about The Passion of the Christ being an anti-Jewish movie. People… Jesus is Jewish. He is the hero of the movie. I saw the movie. Not once did I think a negative thought about Jewish people. There are good and bad in all nationalities, genders, and religions. It is the farthest thing from people’s minds. If it did cause that reaction in anyone, then those feelings were already there. I concentrated on Jesus’s great love for me and mankind. Mel Gibson’s hands were filmed driving the nail into Jesus as his way of saying, &quotI am responsible too.&quot The Jewish and the Christian serve the same loving God. I am a moderately educated woman and am stupified by closed minded religious leaders who cannot step across the line and at least try to observe what is on the other side of the fence. The movie concentrated on an innocent mans intense love and sacrifice for people who do not deserve such an act of love. There is a song out there by Ray Boltz that states, &quotDoes he still feel the pain every time I sin.&quot I guess you have to understand, just what Jesus did to appreciate a movie that makes just exactly what he did for us a very very real thing. It makes me examine myself and want to do better with out ever pointing my finger towards another.Lori CarsonBox Elder, SD

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