Catherine Anne Gerken |

Catherine Anne Gerken

School: Vail Mountain School

Nickname: Gerkenator

How many years in county: 10

Parent/s’ names: Netia and Henry Gerken

Siblings, ages: Elizabeth, 14

OK, you’re 30: What have you done (college, job, kids etc.), where do you live and what do you do? I have graduated with a liberal arts degree from Wake Forest University. Then I attended Columbia University and received my MBA. I am fluent in the Spanish language and am working in marketing in Manhattan.

What items might you put in a personal time capsule to open at your 20th high school reunion? Why those? Pictures, my favorite hats and my music.

Best high school memory: My favorite memories from high school are going to Battle Mountain hockey games at Dobson. I love the atmosphere at the arena, the hockey is really intense and it is fun to hang out with everyone.

Favorite teacher and why: My favorite teacher is Mr. Beerntsen. He helped me a lot during my junior year because he was very supportive of me. He taught me the importance of having an opinion, being able to stand up for it, being able to express it, and never wavering from it. He also helped me improve my formal writing immensely.

Vail Colorado

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