Cause of shattered door at Wolcott Post Office is under investigation

A police report has been filed to investigate the cause of the damage

For the second time, the Wolcott Post Office glass front door has been shattered.
Blair Hanson Simon/Courtesy Photo

Local police are investigating the cause of a shattered glass door at the Wolcott Post Office, which occurred over the weekend of Sept. 9.

According to James Boxrud, the regional communications specialist for the United States Postal Office, this is not the first time the office’s glass front door has been shattered. Police reports have been filed for both incidents.

Boxrud said that while it’s all speculation at this point, post office officials believe “that someone is peeling out in the gravel parking lot throwing the gravel into the glass door and breaking it.”

For the current broken door, Boxrud said work orders have been submitted and the door should be fixed soon.

It is unknown at this time whether the Postal Service’s facilities team has plans to replace the gravel with a solid surface.

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