CDOT owes Vail homeowners |

CDOT owes Vail homeowners

Don Rogers

The state Department of Transportation needs to end service as a bureaucratic sinkhole and accept its responsibility to the homeowners in East Vail.

Working swiftly to head off more damage to the roadway when CDOT’s aged I-70 culvert at Bighorn Creek failed, crews diverted the floodwater, which then damaged homes.

Now the agency is stonewalling reasonable claims? Come on. Step up and pay up. It shouldn’t be that difficult.

The kids rule

Never mind Kobe or Bair Ranch or Adam Aron’s bonus paying out while the company continues to tighten its belt. The buzz of the valley this week has been a ton of pictures of high school athletes with snippets of their thoughts about important topics like academic goals, how to help their team, leadership and whether water is better than a sports drink.

Talk about building goodwill. The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive to the daily special section. Well, other than the odd error in spelling of names or mix-up in pictures and whathaveyou. There are over 400 prep athlete-scholars, and unfortunately, there are bound to be some errors.

If you spot one, please let us know by e-mailing to

Bare some fangs

Avon could do worse than putting brakes on swift changes in plans for the Village at Avon, which we’ll hasten to remind them will no less than double the size and population of Avon by the time the project is done.

No doubt, developer Traer Creek has a sensible plan to move the school site and add density to the housing in the area they want to change.

Given the history of the project approvals in the past – which some still see as the town pretty much giving away the farm – there’s little need to accede quite so quickly now.

Make darn sure this works for the town as well as the developer. It wouldn’t hurt to even show some teeth, if necessary. Maybe even negotiate future changes in ways that help the town and its sales-taxpaying businesses a bit more with their inevitable sacrifices in helping Traer Creek bring big boxes to Eagle County perhaps a hair before their natural time.

Bubble up

The time has come for Vail’s seasonal ice bubble to end its run. It was only supposed to last a couple of years anyway. The wise course is to sell it. With Eagle’s new indoor rink, the Dobson suffices. Just do it.

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