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Celebrate good karma for Nikolas

Andrew Harley
Join the community of Minturn in a special celbration of the life of Nicholas Olson. Born 10 weeks premature and weighing 3 pounds, Nicholas is a true miracle! Show up and throw down to support Nicholas' family from 5:30 to 8 p.m. today at the Minturn Saloon. Festivities include live music with the Karm & Shmoo Experience, door pizes, a huge silent auction, football pool, drink specials and more!

Nicholas Olson is a charming lad who’s been through a lot, considering he’s still a baby.Olson was born three months early, compelling his parents to drive to Denver regularly from their Minturn home to ensure Nicholas received the medical treatment necessary to keep him in good health.Nicholas’ health has improved, and the call has been sounded for public support.Karm & Shmoo Experience hosts a celebration today at 5:30 p.m. at The Saloon in Minturn to benefit Nicholas and his family.”We used the term “benefit’ at first, but it’s really more of a celebration than a benefit,” said Karm. “Nicholas’ mom and dad live next door, and it was a tough experience. He kind of got off on the wrong foot, and we’d like to celebrate him now.”He’s also a really special kid because a lot of us in Minturn have girls, and he broke the Minturn cycle as a boy. He’s the new Minturn superstud.”Karm Sprygg and Matt “Shmoo” Shimala make up the musical oddity that is the Karm & Shmoo Experience.”It’s become the morph of like three different bands, and Karm and Shmoo has been the core of what’s stuck around,” said Shmoo.Karm and Shmoo have been playing together for the past seven years, and have concocted an upbeat acoustic and electric guitar-driven experience.”Yeah, it’s an experience. It’s more about going with the flow and having fun,” said Karm.”All our music is audience-friendly,” said Shmoo. “The best thing about the experience is getting to entertain.””The valley is starving for music, so crowds are and have more fun,” said Karm.Karm brings an acoustic Alvarez to the stage, and Shmoo rocks an electric Gretsh.”It’s just your basic acoustic guitar,” said Karm. “I’ve had it for 10 years, and it’s flown off the top of many a car.”Karm & Shmoo Experience play originals and a hodgepodge of obscure covers.”The covers we do play aren’t ones you hear as often,” said Karm. “We don’t do the Jimmy Buffet, Neil Young show.””It’s new-school apres,” said Shmoo. “It’s post-retro.”Some of Karm & Shmoo Experience’s covers include Presidents of the United States and Flaming Lips, and the band also plays old-school sets including The Knack and Violent Femmes.”We’re having fun giving people the opportunity to come and slam down some beer and enjoy some live entertainment,” said Karm. “But we’re hoping to play as much as possible. We do have full-time jobs, and a regular gig at Main Street Grill.”Karm & Shmoo Experience expects to release its first album this coming spring.”We tried to push it forward, but it’s a labor of love,” said Karm. “Actually, we’re basically done with all the tracks on the record.”We’re about 75 percent done. It’s just the icing we’re trying to get right,” added Shmoo.Karm & Shmoo Experience are available for bookings. They’ll play anywhere, and set up easily with only two people.Karm & Shmoo Experience celebrates the life of Nicholas Olson at The Saloon in Minturn today at 5:30 p.m.Andrew Harley can be reached via e-mail at aharley@vaildaily.com or phone at 949-0555, ext. 610.

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