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Celebrating Eagle County’s divine mothers

Catherine Zeeb
Vail CO, Colorado
Columnist Cathy Zeeb

“The Divine Mother abides in the heart of every being and universes without end.”

It’s almost Mother’s Day. On Sunday we celebrate the women who have given birth us, who have nurtured, cared for and loved us. There will be breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Flowers and gifts will be given in honor of this woman who, no matter how our life condition is or was, brought us into this world. We will honor the women who raised us in place of our biological mother. We will honor our mothers who have passed away.

Mothers of all types are the creators, the givers of life and the caretakers. We know that mothers are more than incubators or wombs for carrying the unborn. Mothers are vessels of knowledge. They are our first teachers. They are healers, nurturers, communicators and comforters. They are to be respected, revered and honored.

They are seen as pillars of strength and buffers against the “outside world.” And as irritating as our mothers can sometimes be, who in their right mind would not really want to have one?

Not all spiritual mothers have children of their own; some are mothers to pets or other’s children. There is a plethora of other spiritual mothers to be honored as well. Most cultures, philosophies and religions celebrate at least one Mother figure.

There’s Gaia ” Greek Goddess as Mother Earth; Durga ” Hindu Goddess that Destroys Demons; Ha Hai-I Wuhti ” Hopi Divine Mother; Isis ” Egyptian Goddess; Kuan Yin ” Buddhist Goddess of Compassion; Mother Mary ” Christian Goddess of Compassion; Shakti ” Hindu Goddess of Primal Energy; Venus ” Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty just to name a few.

We hear the words ‘Live Green’ all the time lately, asking us to honor Mother Earth by recycling, using less pesticides, etc. Mother Earth is one of our most valuable and precious caretakers. Without her we will not survive. We need her. We need to care for her, honor her and make sure she lives forever.

She is Mother Earth, a manifestation of the divine. From this same perspective, we are much more than passengers on an impersonal planet; we are manifestations of the mother and embodiments of the divine. In effect, we are the mother and she is us.

Ayurveda, the holistic medical system of the Vedas, views the physical body and all of nature as manifesting from earth, air, fire, water and space. Mother Earth is the womb from which these elements arise and to which they all return in the elegant cycle of life and death. To love and honor Mother Earth, we must love and honor our bodies as physical manifestations of her grace.

A meditative practice can help us cultivate a personal connection with Mother Earth. Find a quiet place to lie down, maybe outside on a warm, beautiful day and close your eyes. Allow your body and mind to relax. Feel the strength of the earth beneath you. Take a few gentle breaths. Become aware of the support of this amazing core and strength beneath you. Feel the heart of the earth beat with your heart.

Honor her. Honor all mothers in this moment. Notice the softening in your body and the gentleness you may be experiencing. In a few minutes you will feel more at peace. End this time with gratitude ” say thank you to Mother Earth, thank you to all compassionate mothers and thank you to yourself for taking this moment.

Our communities need more spiritual mothers. And our children need to know that there are spiritual mothers always available to share their wisdom and their unconditional love with the younger generation. Connect to the divine within, honor your mother and take care of the divine mother that connects us all.

Catherine Zeeb holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Metaphysics. She has a private therapy practice in Edwards and teaches Metaphysics at Colorado Mountain College in Edwards. You can visit her website at http://www.healing-spirits.net.

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