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Celebrating my 70th An open letter to Adam Aron

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Dear Mr. Aron,A few days ago I called one of the ticket offices, to inquire about the procedure for getting a free senior car upon my 70th birthday, and was told that card no longer exists. Now a senior card costs $319.Not good news.As background I have been an East Vail second-home owner since 1973 and prior to that time used to drive up to ski every weekend sometimes coming up both Saturday and Sunday. For your information, that was before I-70 went over the passes. I have also held a Colorado Card, or one of the cards that preceded it, since its inception.A few years ago, shortly before my 65th birthday, Vail raised the age requirement for seniors from 65 to 70. Now that I’m finally almost there (70) you start charging for that pass. Who in the world do you think supported Vail all these years? A lot of guys like me, that’s who.The term “corporate greed” is quite fashionable nowadays, and is so very applicable here. So, in celebration of my 70th, why don’t you (Vail Associates, a.k.a. Vail Resorts, NYSE ticker symbol MTN) just keep your senior pass. It obviously is more precious to you than me.I’ll be happy hiking up gore creek trail with my wife and my dog.Mel Brody,DenverFrom an old friendI am confident I read the first paper George Knox published in the 1960s and I have followed the paper and the Knox family regularly since. I am glad to know that the paper will still have a prominent place in the Vail Valley. We will return to Edwards again in May to see the changes made since last September when we left for the winter. Best of luck in your new location and with your new owners.Bob Havener,Casa Grande Ariz.The T.A.P. danceThank you for writing this article (see “The TAP Dance” at http://www.vailtrail.com, Sept., 12, 2003). I am aware of many parents who are not very well informed about the TAP program. More parents need to know how stressed out, over worked, and still underpaid our teachers are. Because of the pay for performance, many teachers are getting paid less through this system than they would through the old step system of pay. Please write more articles to inform the parents how we are losing good teachers because of TAP.Anna WilliamsEagleSend letters to the Vail Trail by e-mailing Tom Boyd at tboyd@vailtrail.com

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