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Celebrity con’s shoes spike local store’s sales

Scott N. Miller
Bret Hartman/Vail DailyTesse Manning, who owns the Clog Cabin with her husband Chris in Lionshead, models a pair of gold clogs Friday in Vail. Martha Stewart recently purchased the same pair of clogs and showed them off on national television which has caused a recent spike in sales at the retail specialty store in Vail.

VAIL – As the orders for gold clogs began to roll in this week, Chris Manning got curious. The co-owner of the Swedish Clog Cabin in Lionshead did an Internet search and found what he was looking for.The gold Tessa brand clogs Manning and his wife, Tessa, design and sell were parked on the feet of famed domestic diva and convict Martha Stewart during a May 2 appearance to tout her new TV show, set to debut in September.According to an Associated Press Report, “Stewart put her foot on a chair and slightly tugged the leg of her white pantsuit to reveal… her gold clogs.”Because Stewart is something of a hot property since she was convicted of obstruction of justice and lying to investigators, fans flocked to the Internet to find clogs like the ones she was wearing, and found them in Vail.

“We’ve been getting a ton of orders,” Manning said.How Stewart found the Swedish Clog Cabin isn’t clear, but she is a fan. Stewart’s secretary has ordered several pairs, Tessa Manning said, and Stewart herself faxed in the order for the gold clogs in March.While Stewart gave the gold clogs a bit of unexpected, but welcome publicity, Tessa Manning said all the metallic colors have been selling well lately.”We seem to sell the metallic ones to people in the cities,” she said. “More people here buy the painted ones.”The hand-painted clogs are painted locally, and Tessa Manning is the lead designer for the shoes that bear her name. All the manufacturing, though, is still done in Sweden.

And while the Swedish Clog Cabin is the center of the Tessa universe, the Mannings do a brisk wholesale business to stores around the country.With that kind of exposure, Stewart isn’t the only celebrity with the Vail-designed clogs on her feet.”Danielle Steele has bought a lot,” Tessa Manning said. “So has Goldie Hawn. It’s a lot of fun.” =============On the Web:

http://www.tessaclogs.com==============Vail, Colorado

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