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Celebs, fancy cars due in Vail Tuesday

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VAIL ” The Bullrun, a cross-country tour of celebrities driving fancy cars, will stop in Vail Village Tuesday afternoon.

Bullrun is all about cars, glamour, the journey and the party, says Victor Carrillo, a spokesman for the event.

High-rollers, celebrities, CEOs with a wide variety of exotic and interesting cars come together for a week long adventure of pure adrenaline and mayhem, Carrillo said.

The Bullrun route is a carefully guarded secret ” even participants don’t know where they’re going until the start of each day, Carrillo said.

The event typically runs coast to coast in North America and is limited to 100 VIP and celebrity participants such as actor Hayden Christensen, Carl Lewis, Paris Hilton, and Dennis Rodman, Carrillo said.

Locals are invited to Tuesday afternoon’s “Bullrun Fest,” which includes music, food, drinks and a car show with Ferraris, Porsches and Lamborghinis.

The “cars and stars” of the rally will start to arrive at Checkpoint Charlie and Crossroads at 5 p.m., Carrillo said.

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