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Celtic rockers Young Dubliners play Street Beat in Vail

Charlie Owen
Vail CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily

VAIL, Colorado ” The Young Dubliners have worked hard to make a name for themselves. To spread the gospel of their brand of Celtic rock they play over 180 days a year, most of those shows are on the road. Irishman and band leader Keith Roberts said that they will take all the time necessary to make an album perfect before they release it and right now they are working on their eighth recording. In the next three months the Young Dubs will be touring in three different countries. It’s a whirlwind schedule that would put most band’s in a straight-jacket, but for Roberts and friends, it’s just part of the job.

Keith Roberts: The way you do it is ” it’s very mental. It’s very ” you gotta get yourself in a place to be able to do this as much as we do and you gotta be able to get along with each other. You gotta have a good tight family vibe within the band … Mentally you got to be in a certain place in the head to be able to handle this and there are from time to time little breakdowns.

KR: Definitely evolved. It was originally just something to play ballads in the pubs and have a little bit of a laugh and you met people and they gave you free booze and you know, you spend your weekends like that sometimes. But, you know, I think what’s cool … is the fact that we’re playing cover songs and I think the song writing bug was always there and so when we began to write songs, we needed a band to play the songs … so we started adding band members.

KR: I have no idea, I like it all. Bring it on.

KR: You have to be like the big brother. You have to be able to read into things and know if there’s any problems … I keep my finger on the pulse all the time and make sure that we’re doing OK.

KR: I started throwing (out) all the ones I loved … and everybody did the same thing. We took four days, we learned the songs and we hit the studio. We nailed them and then we mixed it and wrapped it and everything happened in 17 days when we handed it off. So what you have is an album that’s really spur of the moment.

KR: We’ve always been a songwriting band that happens to have a Celtic influence. You know it was never about just writing Irish stuff, it was about writing whatever came into our head … This will be our ninth album. It’s hard to come up with new scenes to sing about and new ideas. It’s a very, very intense process … If we didn’t give a shit it would be a lot easier.

KR: There’s going to be a few surprises on this. We’re looking on this like a career spanning album … We try to make the album (represent) the live show as well so that you get that good rock feeling. When you turn up the stereo, you definitely want it to be blowing your head off.

KR: I think one thing I would have probably loved to (be) is a trial lawyer, because I don’t know if you noticed, but I like to talk.

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