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Cemetery District seeks Minturn’s assistance

Dustin Racioppi
Minturn, CO Colorado

MINTURN, Colorado “-The Cemetery District, which intends to build a mausoleum at the cemetery in Minturn, Colorado, wants to know if the town is interested in cost-sharing a waste holding tank for the mausoleum and the nearby Public Works building.

How they voted: The Town Council didn’t take a formal vote, but instead told the Cemetery District to come back with figures for the system with and without the town’s assistance. The council also said it won’t have any formal discussions on the topic until it is an agenda item for a meeting.

Who they talked to: Floyd Duran of the Cemetery District said that pending a building permit, the district will construct a $1.3 million mausoleum that holds 252 crypts and niches. He said the septic system would be constructed after the mausoleum is built, and wanted to know if the town would be interested in sharing it so the Public Works building could also use it.

“This is our starting point and then we go with the landscaping and whatever else development may happen,” Duran said.

Since the district has come close to this point in the past, the council was hesitant to make any informal decisions, but is open to Duran’s offer when it comes at a regular meeting and when he has better figures on usage for the tank.

“There’s a lot of positives in this. I don’t see much negative,” Mayor Hawkeye Flaherty said. “You’ve got a hell of a good idea, I think.”

How they voted: The first reading of the ordinance to update the fee system passed by a vote of 4 to 3, with councilmen Aggie Martinez, Jerry Bumgarner and Mayor Hawkeye Flaherty against it.

Who they talked to: Town Planner Victor Villarreal brought the proposal to raise the permit fees to the council weeks ago, saying that they haven’t been updated in more than 10 years and it could help boost revenues for the town while staying competitive with the rest of the Eagle Valley.

If passed on a second reading, the new fees would also come close to covering the cost of the work put in by the Planning Department and Building Inspector. For example, an 1,800 square-foot home would pay about $3,923 for a permit and plan review, while the approximate review time and cost to the town is $3,947, according to documents Villarreal provided to the council.

The majority of the council was in favor of updating the permit fees, but some weren’t keen on trying to make up 10 years of stagnancy in one fell swoop.

“This is just too much. We keep piling expenses onto the public,” Flaherty said. “We’re not a business. We’re a government. We provide services.”

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