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Census captures Colorado’s quirky demographics

Burt Hubbard
The Denver Post

Forget Trivial Pursuit.

The U.S. Census Bureau has its own almanac of little-known facts and figures about the nation that it has been publishing since 1878.

The latest version is out, and here is how Colorado fared in everything from dope smoking to Web surfing.

And that was before the surge in medical-marijuana dispensaries.

A national survey on drug use in 2007 found Colorado tied with New Hampshire for the fifth-highest use of marijuana in the nation. It found 179,000 users, or 8.2 percent of the population age 12 and older.

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Rhode Island led the nation with 10.3 percent.

Colorado ranked slightly higher in the consumption of any illicit drug – fourth highest with 11 percent use.

Who said farmers are a dying breed?

Colorado had the second-largest increase in the number of farms last year, gaining 7,000. That’s second to Texas’ gain of 20,000 farms. But the increase may be due to a surge in gentleman farmers rather than a return to an agricultural society. The size of the average farm fell from 1,053 acres to 858 acres.

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