CEO Christopher Montera leaves Eagle County Paramedic Services |

CEO Christopher Montera leaves Eagle County Paramedic Services

Organization adopts dyad model with COO Jim Bradford and CFO Amy Gnojek at the helm

Christopher Montera has spent nearly 15 years in various roles with Eagle County Paramedic Services.

Eagle County Paramedic Services CEO Chris Montera announced Monday that he is resigning from his position to pursue a new job with ESO as the director of national and state Business in Florida. Moving forward, the board of directors for Eagle County Paramedic Services has decided not to search for a new CEO and instead will adopt a dyad model in which COO Jim Bradford and CFO Amy Gnojek will lead as a team.

“After working in various positions with Eagle County Paramedic Services for almost 15 years and serving as CEO for four years, Chris has been an integral part of the success of this organization,” said Jeff Babb, president of the Eagle County Paramedic Services Board of Directors in a news release. “Under his leadership, ECPS is a profitable, well-oiled machine with exceptional team members both in the field and in administration roles. He illustrates the adage, ‘Leave it better than you found it.’ We will miss him both as a leader and as a friend but wish him all of the best in this new chapter of his career.” 

Montera’s last day will be Sept. 4. He will remain under contract with ECPS for at least 90 days to help assist with the transition. 

The dyad leadership model is not new and is utilized in many health care institutions; it has proven to be both an effective and differentiating style. In this model, the union of in-the-field and administrative leaders provides a best-of-both-worlds structure.

Bradford started at ECPS as a part-time EMT in 2000 and has held numerous positions within ECPS. CFO Gnojek has more than 20 years of experience in finance and administration, and since her start at ECPS in 2017, she has secured the organization’s financial position. 

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“With the leadership experience and excellence that both Amy (Gnojek) and Jim (Bradford) possess, we know that this is not only an ideal approach but that we also have the best people in place to execute it,” Babb said.

The organization will be testing this dyad leadership approach over the coming months; in May 2021, the board is expected to evaluate the success of this model and assess the situation.

“As a member of the ECPS Board of Directors for more than seven years, I have seen this organization change and evolve and I can say, without any reservation, that we are in an enviable position,” Babb continued. “Not only are we fulfilling our mission to provide skilled, professional and compassionate healthcare to our community but we are also meeting challenges head-on and producing positive outcomes. I know that we will continue to be a leader in healthcare and an asset to our community.”

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