Chambers in their corners |

Chambers in their corners

Don Rogers

The Vail Town Council finally had its fill of the chamber wars. In surely what is “news” in just one community across all of America, who runs the information centers, answers the phone and passes out the travel brochures drew a packed crowd to the council chambers this week.The town chamber has been trying for years now to wrest this precious contract from the much larger Vail Valley chamber that has handled the job for the past 30 years. And each contest for the council’s vote has grown ever sharper.For those entangled in the wider chamber wars, this has become an annual Gettysburg. You’d think the fate of the Union rested on who ran the info centers. That is, unless you went for a walk in even Vail Village. Let’s just say you’d be hard-pressed to find a subject of less interest or real import to the folks who live, work and yes, even run the town.What’s that line famously applied to the battles of academia? They only fought so hard because the stakes were so small?Well, Tuesday the Vail Town Council, asked to decide between options A and B, chose C. That’s right, neither chamber got the contract this time. Another outfit called Vail Brochures Inc. won the job this time.Yep, the all-important job of answering the phones, handing out brochures and dear God NOT letting visitors know there’s anything resembling civilization west of Dowd Junction went to a third party this time around. So the chambers have gone to their corners, for the moment. Let’s see how the new darling stands up in the crossfire.Let’s also see if either chamber can develop some real world perspective by the time they bid again for the information centers.Meantime, reps from both chambers might get out and take a walk. It could only help. Vail, Colorado

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