Champagne toasts go to dance stars |

Champagne toasts go to dance stars

Story and photos by Carolyn Pope

After the International Evenings of Dance performance Aug. 7, patrons had the chance to meet and greet the dancers on stage. The International Dance Festival is now in its 16th season in Vail and is one of the many events sponsored in the community by the Vail Valley Foundation. The event was underwritten by One Willow Bridge Road, the development that will replace Swiss Hotel and Spa in Vail. Joni White Taylor of Sonnenalp Real Estate represents the high-end property. “We’re committed to the community,” said Barbara Duncan, who is on One Willow Bridge Road’s marketing staff. “The arts are vital to the community so we’re thrilled to assist in bringing this to the valley.”Little girls pranced across the stage, excitedly awaiting the arrival of the dancing stars. The little girls swarmed the ballerinas, where the more mature girls surrounded Victor da Silva, the buff ballroom dancer, and Ethan Stiefel, star of “Center Stage.”For more information on the International Dance Festival, call the Vail Valley Foundation at 970-949-1999.

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