Changes Obama could make |

Changes Obama could make

David Le Vine

Polls have indicated that in this presidential election, some 20 percent of potential voters will consider “race” to be a factor as they make their decisions. On the surface, that would seem to threaten Mr. Obama’s chances of winning the election — but perhaps not. The data did not indicate that all of the voters questioned were “white.” If a reasonable percentage of blacks were included in the survey, the results are less surprising, and also far less ominous for both Mr. Obama and all the rest of us Americans. I think that most of us would understand blacks considering race as part of their decision-making, for they would believe that the election of Mr. Obama was a giant step along the road to achieving equality.

And that brings up the issue of equality. While we can all agree that our country has “come a long way” towards that goal, there is a vast difference of opinion regarding just how far we’ve come. Many white folks think we’re about there, while many black folks think not. However, if Mr. Obama is elected, we can be sure that the gap between the white and black opinions will most certainly be narrowed.

Then there is another very touchy corollary issue, and that has to do with urban blacks in certain cities. Data clearly shows that their high school drop-out rate is unacceptably high and they are having kids at a very young age without the stability of marriage.

While that data is used as a rationale for some white folks who may not be inclined to consider blacks as equals, it truly is bad news for all of America. Many of us, both white and black, are properly concerned. Unfortunately, it is an issue that is not easily discussed by members of either race; but it has been critically addressed by Bill Cosby and most recently by an outspoken Barack Obama. I do believe that if he does win the presidency, his strong opinions will be reiterated and will help to bring about a substantial change for the better.

Although it might seem so, I’m not advocating the presidency for Mr. Obama on the basis of these thoughts. But I do think that his candidacy brings with it a number of

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