Chateau St. Claire, now the Geneva Crown Club, is under way |

Chateau St. Claire, now the Geneva Crown Club, is under way

Christine Ina Casillas

The on-again, off-again development at the southeast entrance to Beaver Creek is back on again.

A six-acre parcel of land along U.S. Highway 6 and Avon Road has been blocked off with fencing. Travelers might have noticed a trailer parked on the lot with tarps strewn next to it.

Originally approved in 1996 as the Chateau St. Claire, the 54-unit project is expected to incorporate condominiums, time-shares and space for a 4,000-square-foot restaurant on the first level, said Tambi Katieb, planner for Avon.

“The last pieces of the puzzle will be coming before the planning commission within the next month or two,” Katieb said.

When the project was approved more than five years ago, it began as a 103,000-square-foot development that included 72,000 square feet of commercial and restaurant space and a 37,000-square-foot parking structure on six acres at the southeast entrance to Beaver Creek. The only allowed uses for the project were office, retail, restaurant and service commercial space. A 150-room hotel was in the discussion stages for the site but all the discussions and approvals for the development were tied down with problems. The 37,000 square feet designated for a parking structure was nixed because that much parking wasn’t likely for a hotel development, Avon planners said in 1998. In 1998, the town tagged on three additional conditions, including an access easement to the undeveloped adjacent property to the east, no dogs would be permitted and 10 percent of the total residential space had to be deed restricted, affordable or employee units.

Throughout the project, the architects faced issues with the project because of access problems and zoning regulations. Construction was expected to begin in the summer of 1998 and completed by the winter of 1999/2000. Then the project was stalled again.

“They really had to work their way through some of the problems,” said Larry Brooks, Avon town manager.

Now called the Geneva Crown Club, the developers coordinated with the Colorado Department of Transportation with the access issues, Katieb said.

“There had been a lot of thoughts about (the project),” Brooks said. “The developers had a lot of problems with it at first regarding the design for the access and deceleration lanes, and widening the pavement in that area.

“The project couldn’t be done unless the developer was willing to spend the money for those improvements.”

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