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Cheap! Cheap!

The odds of an amateur golfer making a hole in one on a par 3 hole are roughly 12,500 to 1. Our own local sand-bagger has beaten the odds! Congratulations to Dave Adkins for posting an ace on the 8th hole at the Cordillera Valley Golf Club ... and from the tips!

One of the Titans of Town Talk Towers had to replace a shower head recently, and wanted one with a flexible hose, the better to spritz the dog, get to those hard-to-reach places on the kid, and, just maybe, for a stationary weapon in a water fight.So, with a product in mind, it was off to the Worlds Largest Retailer, which had a variety of those items in a variety of price ranges. Then came the practical question: Just how much should he spend?Since people who pretend to be able to afford to live here are common in Happy Valley, its no surprise that the Titan in question frequents yard sales, thrift shops, and the classifieds to keep home and family running. So its also no surprise that said Titan tried to lowball the new shower head, too.He chose the second-cheapest unit, took it home and hooked it up. It leaked like a Pentagon staffer with an axe to grind, and promptly broke when a tool was applied to tighten the leaky connection.Thank heaven for the Worlds Largest Retailers return policy.Store credit in hand, the Titan went another $5 up the price scale, went home and hooked up the gadget.No leaks. So far, so good. But then, what came out of the shower head was, shall we say, weak. Where once a stream flowed now came a dribble.Again, back to the Worlds Largest Retailer, and a trip another $10 up the price ladder.Now out about $30 and three trips to the store, the Titan tightened the connections and… Success! No leaks, and a shower stream strong enough to get mud clods off the dog and shampoo out of Aunt Bessies beehive.The moral, if there is one, is this: You dont have to go big, but sometimes cheap is just cheap.




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