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Check own bias

Steve Zorichak

Why any correspondent with the commentary section should expect his extreme waste of ink and paper on the only topic he knows how to write about should deserve repetitive waste of community-Interest dialog space in our only local public forum can only be due to being a classical one-trick pony.

It would appear that James Dorsey is unable to compose anything of general community interest and can only write about his hatred of Bush and conservative politics. Instead of only being able to criticize conservative politics, perhaps he could elaborate on the fine qualities of the liberal ethic and politic, and explain and educate us with how beneficial Kerry as president could be to the entire population of the United States (or at least to us residents of Eagle County).

To quote his April 12 letter: “As soon as (Steve Pope) strayed into political analysis … falls victim to his own bias and totally loses perspective.”

Look into the mirror, Mr. Dorsey, and you may overcome your own bias and realize you just gave a very apt description of your own pestilent rhetoric.

One possible solution might be to start publishing your own paper, and go into competition with Speakout if you want to have balanced press.

To have a balanced point of view, could you use your obviously adequate intellect and computer-composition skills to allow two-way discourse and dialog on another topic that might be of more general community interest?

Possibly you should re-read the Jan. 22 Vail Daily letter titled “Exposing selves.” I composed that correspondence specifically for your and David Le Vine’s Bush-bias, and the cliches that you have collected to describe both of your attitudes. It is quite possible to detect a change in your rhetoric for at least one or more of your following diatribes.

Perhaps you read the Tipsline comment published on Friday, June 20, following David Le Vine’s sarcastic letter entitled “GOP guidelines.” It said: “This is my first ever Tipsline comment. It is to congratulate Steve Pope on his thoughtfully considered expository on GOP guidelines. …”

You say in your closing paragraph: “The very scary thing is, judging from the letter section, with the exception of a very few regulars, this kind of journalism is perfectly acceptable to the large majority of readers.”

Please reread your statement, and if you can be objective you may solve your own journalistic dilemma.

Yours may be a minority viewpoint, and the Vail Daily has been very generous listening to you “SpoutOff” so frequently.

It might even be suggested that might try to stick with a few local items that you may have some knowledge about, and dump your skewed spew of global politics and points of view on some totally liberal rag, where it would be understood, enjoyed, accepted and applauded.

To paraphrase Dr. Tom Lehrer, an MIT math professor of the 1950s: “Life is exactly like a sewer; what you get out of it depends entirely what you put into it.”

Steve Zorichak


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