Checkpoint Charlie rocks |

Checkpoint Charlie rocks

Don Rogers

They’re doing what? Inviting a big name band to where? Have they forgotten New Year’s and Fourth of July melees past?

Blues Traveler playing Checkpoint Charlie? For free? Has Vail taken complete leave of its good senses?

Well, not to worry. The village was packed, the concert great, the crowd well behaved. Turned out adults can behave, even en masse. Instead of a mess, this was magic. Vail struck gold Saturday. Way to go.

Creek farts

The Santa Barbara coastline was famous for natural oil seepage long before the ocean derricks showed up. Natural gas bubbling through Silt and Rifle area creeks no doubt happened before the advent of wells there, too.

But the old fart who owns land where a creek is doing this for the first time in his 23 years of ownership said this waterway had never been flatulent before, and naturally he blamed those stinkers, industry.

Yep, has to be EnCana, running nearby drills. A company spokesman says the firm is doubtful, but investigating.

‘No-Go’ lives

Maybe the “No Go Chateau” at the Beaver Creek roundabout will progress beyond a bit of dirt scratching in the five years since its developers won approval from Avon to build time-shares and such.

The developers recently plunked down $60,000 for a six-month extension on their permit and now vow to begin building within their new deadline.

Uh, uh. Meantime, it’s a bit of an income source for the town, which will use the money to reclaim the land if the developers fail to build this time. D.R.

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