Cheerleader makes college squad |

Cheerleader makes college squad

Kelly Hagenah
Special to the DailyEagle Valley High School cheerleading captain Krysten Guse has made the University of Northern Colorado's squad for 2006-2007.

GYPSUM ” Krysten Guse was in elementary school when she decided she wanted to go to gymnastics camp. However, there was a slight problem.

The cost of the camp was an obstacle for her mom, Michelle, a single woman supporting the family on her own.

“I couldn’t pay for her to do it,” Michelle said. So, Krysten began a habit that she has stuck with ever since ” she found a way to make it happen on her own.

“She and a friend set up their own camp for spring break,” Michelle said. “She did all the activities that you typically have at a camp: arts and crafts, games, gymnastics. And she’d create a schedule.”

After promoting the camp locally, Krysten gathered up about 15 little campers, and enough money to make it to gymnastics camp.

While Krysten was only 10 when her father left, she was strong enough to learn an important lesson, her mom said.

“Krysten has learned to never be sorry for herself,” Michelle said. “She knows that anyone can do what they want, if they work hard enough for it.”

Working hard is a credo Krysten seems to live by. Krysten, a senior and the cheer captain at Eagle Valley High School, knew that if she wanted to remain a cheerleader after high school, she would have to push herself harder than she ever had before.

Because Eagle Valley’s cheerleading squad is only two years old, as was Krysten’s cheerleading experience, she decided to focus on the proper technique of cheerleading, she said.

“Since November, I’ve been to a number of different cheer clinics at University of Northern Colorado, so I could learn their style,” Krysten said. “I knew I had to learn more moves, and brush up on everything.”

She also focused on weight-lifting, gymnastics, running, and eating more efficiently, she said.

“It was pretty intense,” Krysten said of college cheerleading tryouts. While many tried out for the squad, only 30 girls would make it. The tryouts consisted of a cheer and dance that were taught only hours before, as well as two interviews. The girls also had to stunt with an “expert cheer group.”

“They pretty much fall on purpose, to make sure you know what you are doing. It was hard because you had no idea what you were getting in to,” she said. “I can’t believe I made it. Everyone is so good, and I’m so glad to be a part of a team like this.”

Eagle Valley’s cheerleaders are going to miss Guse.

“Through her, the team has come to understand the effort it takes to be a cheerleader,” coach Jen Wright said. “She is a dedicated athlete. We are going to miss her.”

Vail, Colorado

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