Cheney, other leaders meeting in Beaver Creek |

Cheney, other leaders meeting in Beaver Creek

BEAVER CREEK ” Vice President Dick Cheney is supposed to be in Beaver Creek this weekend for the World Forum, an annual confab of political and business leaders.

Cheney is scheduled to make a speech as part of the event, said John Dakin of the Vail Valley Foundation, which hosts the event with the American Enterprise Institute, a Washington-based conservative think tank.

Dakin declined to say when Cheney is supposed to come to the event, which runs from Thursday through Sunday.

During the event last year, a Golden resident was arrested by Secret Service agents after he approached Cheney in Beaver Creek Village.

Other attendees this year are former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl, presidential candidate Mitt Romney, World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz, former Dell Chief Executive Officer Kevin Rollins and David Sexton, president of Shell Oil.

Romney, a former governor of Massachusetts, made a speech at the event Thursday night in which he called for a new U.S. strategy to fight terrorism, according to his Web site.

He proposed holding a summit of Middle East allies and major developed nations to ensure that threatened Islamic states have public schools, micro-credit and banking, the rule of law, human rights, basic health care and competitive economic policies.

About 100 people will attend the event this year, Dakin said.

The forum was created by longtime Eagle County homeowner President Ford in the early ’80s. Ford wanted to take political leaders out of Washington, bring them together with business leaders, and create dialogue between the two groups, Dakin said.

“It provided this open line of communication that probably affected the decisions that both the government and the private sector make on a lot of different issues,” Dakin said.

The event is held behind closed doors and is not open to the press. That makes for more frank and open discussions, Dakin said.

In years past, the event has included a public forum. But that part of the event has been omitted over the last two years because of a scheduling conflict with other events in the Vilar Center for the Arts, Dakin said.

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