Cheney’s office seeks to bar release of video |

Cheney’s office seeks to bar release of video

DENVER ” The Office of the Vice President filed a motion Saturday seeking to block the release of video recordings of depositions that two aides to Dick Cheney gave in a lawsuit.

The motion comes in a lawsuit filed by Steven Howards, who claims he was wrongfully arrested after making comments to Cheney about the Iraq war in June 2006, when Cheney attended a conference in Beaver Creek.

The Office of the Vice President argued that the release of the videos should be barred to prevent an invasion of privacy or embarrassment of Charles Durkin and David Bohrer, two of Cheney’s aides who were deposed. The office said the videos could be edited and end up online on YouTube. In any case, the office said, transcripts of the depositions already have been released.

If the videotapes are released, they should be redacted, with the aides’ faces masked, the office said in a filing in U.S. District Court.

The office also has sought to block the release of videos of Secret Service agents’ depositions.

Howards’ attorney David Lane has indicated he wants to release videos of the depositions to media outlets including The Associated Press. Lane says witnesses have disagreed on how much physical contact Howards had with Cheney when he made his comments.

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