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Chinese New Year in the year of the Rabbit

Karen Petersen
Living Energy

Feb. 3, 2011 begins the Chinese New Year, in the year of the rabbit. The rabbit is the fourth sign of the Chinese zodiac, which consists of 12 animal signs. Each animal sign comes into influence every 12 years. If you were born in the year, 1915, 1927 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, then you are born under the rabbit sign and this coming year will be especially significant for you. The rabbit is considered to be a lucky sign. According to the Chinese tradition, the rabbit brings a year in which you can catch your breath and slow down! It is also a time for renegotiation, but not time to force issues. It is a time to focus on family, women and children. Make it a goal this year to deal with problems calmly and create a peaceful lifestyle in your home. This year is a great time to go somewhere tranquil and renew your spirit or pursue your artistic talents. Take that painting class you have always been considering, book yourself into a yoga retreat or consider doing a pilgrimage. The rabbit teaches us to not become too indulgent, so this is a good time to slow down, draw in your energy and get back to basics.

The rabbit is a sign of endurance and its symbol is that of the moon. The moon energy is yin, and balances the energy of the sun, which is yang. Thus, on each full moon, meditate on your intentions and desires and the wish granting power of the moon will be multiplied during the rabbit year. This practice of mediating during a full moon will not only strengthen your chi (life force), but will also bring wisdom into your life.

With each year there is an element associated with it. There are five elements that the Chinese use for this purpose: fire, wood, water, metal and earth. This coming year is a metal yin year. As is applicable in feng shui, elements should be balanced in your home to achieve a beneficial living environment. A feng shui consultant can assess your current living environment, based on your own personal natal chart and determine which elemental areas need to be balanced to enhance your chi, and then make recommendations to support yourself.

These concepts presented here are neither a science nor a religion but are based on thousands of years of Chinese knowledge and tradition. I subscribe to them, and use the information from these concepts to help guide me on my personal path when making plans for the coming year. After assessing the present energies of this coming year, I have decided to walk the road to Santiago this spring, which is a 500-mile pilgrimage between the French Pyrenees Mountains and Spain. It is something I have considered doing over the past 12 years, last time there was a rabbit year, and have decided that this is the most auspicious time for me to go. I’m sure I will be calling on the rabbit energy to help me along the road to Santiago, and when my feet start to ache and my mind starts wander and as I look to the rabbit for guidance, I hope I will not end up chasing the rabbit down down the rabbit hole!

Caveat: Remember whatever the omens portend, for better or worse, you are the master of your fate.

Karen is a certified feng shui consultant, and owner of Black Diamond Realty. She can be reached at 970-476-4414. Her website is:

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