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Choice for a simple one

Promoted as the savior of a nation by many, is vilified as Satan himself by others.

Allegedly born into a life of privilege, is looked upon as a national version of royalty to some, the personification of what is wrong with a nation by others.

But underneath it all, is just a man. As far as I can tell, he puts his boots on one foot at a time, just like the rest of us.

Many spend countless hours scouring the land for nefarious details of evil deeds done over a lifetime of alleged greedy accomplishments. They leave no stone unturned, no rumor too wild to not investigate, no embellishment too extreme to not perpetuate.

Many others see a man of integrity and grit, foresight and determination. They will do anything to help him remain in power, as they see it as their patriotic duty, one that will make their own families proud for generations to come.

There are Web sites dedicated to proving the man is the son of the devil, the anti-Christ himself. is accused of holding evidence of our planet being seeded by aliens, owning his very own UFO, and wishing for a New World Order; one with him at the helm. They prove this by astrology, numerology, genealogy and religious nutology.

destiny for some is to destroy the environment for personal financial gain and the benefit of those loyal to him, his agenda a poorly written episode of the X-files.

Others say it is to help a people regain national pride and a strong sense of hope for the future.

is a racist, homophobic elitist. Or is a conservative, open-minded pragmatist.

Depends on who is making the judgment.

But behind it all, behind the façade of strength and determination, he is just a man.

has a wife, children, ambitions, desires, dreams, hopes, fears and all of the other emotions occupying the thoughts of most human beings. For him, rationality is not a false assumption, nor is reality a concept, but both are ideals which weigh heavy with each decision.

A few of those decisions, especially an upcoming one concerning war, will have an impact not only on the nation represents, but the world as a whole.

finds himself in the strange position of needing France, China and Russia, although he has never really needed either in the past, and such an alliance could tilt world power for decades.

Choices made now will affect history from this point forward, but this is where the fill-in-the- comparison comes to an abrupt end.

While George W. Bush or Saddam Hussein can both be under certain conditions or ideological beliefs, all association stops upon hitting the “On” button of common sense.

Although I disagree with a fair share of his decisions, President George W. Bush has proven to be a man of strong character and a leader who has nothing short of the welfare of the people of the United States of America as a sole agenda. His decisions are made with the nation he represents riding high upon his crowded shoulders.

This is a man who pledged last week to “not pass along problems to future generations” and doing so “for the safety of our people, and the peace of the world.”

A few are trying to twist such noble words into something evil.

This is a man who had a 64-minute speech interrupted by applause 77 times. (He also licked his lips 106 times and did the left-side lip twitch thingy that he always does a mere 7 times.)

In our ability as a nation, Bush said, “Never before in history have we been able to do so much for so many.” And, “As we can prevent a plague of nature, we can also prevent man-made plagues.”

Truer words are hard to find.

Claiming the “course of this nation does not depend on the decisions of others,” he set the stage for the classic, “A free people will set the course of history!”

These dissenters who are attempting to compare President Bush on the same level as Saddam for a special location on history’s wall of shame are insulting all Americans. These are the type who are angry because Joe Millionaire lied to those poor girls on TV, and will demand each one has their own fair shot on a sitcom next fall out of fairness. They constantly confuse arts and entertainment with reality.

These folks need to open their skewed eyes to the actuality of our situation.

President Bush is our elected leader for at least a few more years, representing all Americans on a worldwide level, like it or not.

Saddam is an oppressive dictator for life, killing all those who disobey.

Those who protest should be damn proud they have the right to do so, but when push comes to shove, they had better choose one side or the other.

Contrary to socialistic beliefs, there is no such thing as a perfect world, a perfect government, or a knight in white shining armor single-handedly saving the oppressed of the world.

America as a whole must lead this fight, or else wait for the fight to come to America again.

But it is not one man against the world. This is one nation against evil ideologies that seek to do us harm. George W. Bush does not personally fight our battles or produce our goods and services, but he does represent us on the world’s stage, and that alone commands a certain level of respect.

Beyond that he is just a man, nothing more, nothing less.

Richard Carnes of Edwards writes a weekly column for the Daily. He can be reached at

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